The New Stage

Ok sorry this is so late but First to get The Ruby Pin here are the steps.

1. click all of these in order : The Drawer,The Garbage,The Book,The Vase, and the Painting

Then click the safe and click the ruby and you’ve got the pin!

Now for the secret background 

First go to the very back page that tells you how to get coins click the words and drag them down and there will be a little picture. click it and you can get the background for 75 coins.

Finally on the 4th page to get the dark coat thingy click on the doorknob (again on the 4th paige)

Thats all for now Cya!


1 Response to “The New Stage”

  1. 1 172columbus172
    September 15, 2008 at 9:08 am

    Hey is Columbus172! nice site spread the word about mine and i will yours. Ps comment on my site on how to post photos with WIndows or MAC thanks!

    Editors Comment: why u have mac a windows????

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