Mission 8 Tutorial

Here is the Tutorial

1. Talk to G in the HQ

2. Go to the Dock and talk to Herbert he will lose his map and lantern.

3. Take the Lantern.

4. Go to the HQ and take a Brown Propeller Hat

5. Go to the Beach and get the Tarp

6. Walk into the Lighhouse and get a barrel

7. Go to the Coffee Shop and help pick up the Cookies.

8. The Coffee Shop waiter will offer you a cookie take one.

9. Put the propeller hat on the sad puffle standing next to the Night Club.

10. Give the puffle the cookie and he will get you half a letter.

11. Go to the Snow Forts and chase the letter until it gets to the Plaza.

12. It will land inside a Newspaper.

13. Get a Pizza atthe pizza parlor.

14. Trade the pizza to the guy for the Newspaper.

15. Take the letter out of the newspaper and combine it with the other half a paper.

16. Go to the Sports Shop and get the nails.

17. Go to the HQ and get a Hammer.

18. Go underground at the Dock.

19. Use the lantern to see.

20. Follow the way ther sheet of paper says it will say left, left, right, left, right, left.

21. You will see the Gift Shop Underground.

22. Shake the Barrel up and sait it down.

23. The barrel will explode so quickly put the Tarp on the bottom of the Gift Shop, Take out the nails and use the hammer to get the nails into the the Tarp.

24. That will keep the Gift Shop stable.

25. Turn to the right until you see the Boiler Room.

26. Talk to Herbert.

27. Talk to G of your Spy Phone he will tell you to fix the Boiler in the Boiler Room.

28. Fix it.

29. Report to the HQ and talk to G.

30. Now your done!


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