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New furniture catalog, Pin, Rockhopper is almost here!

Hey penguins,

The new furniture catalog is out and it is summer themed. I think that the new items released in look really cool to have. Unfortunatly, my membership ended. So I can’t buy them, but you can. Here is a picture of the front of the catalog:

This is the catalog cover.

The new pin is out and it is one of my favorite sports, Basketball!!!! That is Snash1338’s favorite sport. It is located at the Pizza parlor. Here is a picutre:

Remember: it is in the Pizza Parlor.

And if you have looked in the Pizza Parlor lately Rockhopper’s ship is about 2-3 days here! His ship is in the telescope. Here is a picture:

That is rockhopper’s ship. I am going to beg my parents to become a member again. I bet rockhopper is bringing really cool items so be on the lookout for his ship at the beach.

In other news: 50cent254 is no longer an admin on this site. Snash took him off, not me.  Snash1338 said he was being really mean to him so sorry everyone if you liked him being an administrator.

                                                       Keep on Waddling,



War on the Mafia X Gang.

Hi guys it’s 50 cent 254 and the next CP Seals War will be June, 25 on Mammoth at 12:00 PM PST at the Lighthouse  they will be fighting the Mafia X Gang.  Go to and go to the CP Seals page for the Uniform.  I might not be able to come but I will try to.  So please join the CP Seals.


Mission 8 Tutorial

Here is the Tutorial

1. Talk to G in the HQ

2. Go to the Dock and talk to Herbert he will lose his map and lantern.

3. Take the Lantern.

4. Go to the HQ and take a Brown Propeller Hat

5. Go to the Beach and get the Tarp

6. Walk into the Lighhouse and get a barrel

7. Go to the Coffee Shop and help pick up the Cookies.

8. The Coffee Shop waiter will offer you a cookie take one.

9. Put the propeller hat on the sad puffle standing next to the Night Club.

10. Give the puffle the cookie and he will get you half a letter.

11. Go to the Snow Forts and chase the letter until it gets to the Plaza.

12. It will land inside a Newspaper.

13. Get a Pizza atthe pizza parlor.

14. Trade the pizza to the guy for the Newspaper.

15. Take the letter out of the newspaper and combine it with the other half a paper.

16. Go to the Sports Shop and get the nails.

17. Go to the HQ and get a Hammer.

18. Go underground at the Dock.

19. Use the lantern to see.

20. Follow the way ther sheet of paper says it will say left, left, right, left, right, left.

21. You will see the Gift Shop Underground.

22. Shake the Barrel up and sait it down.

23. The barrel will explode so quickly put the Tarp on the bottom of the Gift Shop, Take out the nails and use the hammer to get the nails into the the Tarp.

24. That will keep the Gift Shop stable.

25. Turn to the right until you see the Boiler Room.

26. Talk to Herbert.

27. Talk to G of your Spy Phone he will tell you to fix the Boiler in the Boiler Room.

28. Fix it.

29. Report to the HQ and talk to G.

30. Now your done!


Water Party (and more).

Hi guys it’s 50 cent 254 and the Water Party started today.  There is a Yellow Inflatable Duck (Former rare item) at the Cove.  There are Blue Sea Shell Necklases at the Beach and Snow Cone Aprons at the Plaza the New Stage is about prehistoric penguins.     


50 cent 254.

Hi guys it’s 50 cent 254 and I now work on Zellbra’s awseome site!  I will help improve this site and advertise it.  I will also advertise it on my site.  Please go to the club penguin sports page.  I made it.  It’s really cool.  It features club penguin Basketball, Hockey and Boxing.  Please join!

P.S to Zellbra since Snash1338 dosen’t work here anymore maybe this site needs a new domain name.  Here are 2 choices. or if you decide to get a new domain the old one will still work.

UPDATE: For Club Penguin sports we need back up recorders just in case our recorder (Cheat Gnome) can’t show up.  We also need some refs.  If you want to be a ref you have to read the club penguin sports page.  If you want to record you must have experience with making videos.  If you want to be a ref or recorder please comment.  I will post recorders and refs here.

Recorder(s): Cheat Gnome

Refs: 50 cent 254


Water party sneak peak, pin, catalog

Yo penguins,

UPDATE: Club Penguin has made a mistake in the CP times.  It was in lasts weeks paper and it was in the “Events” part of the paper.  They forgot the “e” at the end of JUNE.

There is a sneak peak for the water party. They say that they are bringing back old favorites from last year. I really liked last years party! It was one of my favorites. Here is a picture at the sneak peak:

The new pin is at the Forest. It is one of the tree’s right when you walk in from the Plaza. Here is a picture:

It’s in the Forest.

And the new catalog is a summer theme. It is really cool, but the bad part for me is that my membership ended. I am begging my mom if I can renew it, but she says “maybe”. This stinks, but whatever. Here is the picture of the cover:

This is the catalog.

50cent254 will be an admin today. He can still keep his site, but he must advertise THIS site only. He can not advertise his site on this site.

Thanks everyone,

Keep on Waddling,


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