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Captain Quarters, where the key is, new game, new room.

Hiya penguins,

Well today is the day! After a bunch of rumors that “Rockhopper has the key, he finally hid it. It is hidden in the book room. You must go to the published books and go to Rockhoppers journal. Go to the last page and you will find it. Click on it and it will ask you if you want Rockhopper’s key, select “Yes”. Here is a picture:

There is also a new room. Actually 2! The Captain quarters of course and a Birds nest {Place where Yarr is always jumping around. I have a picture of both. Take a look:

That is the Captain quarters. Here is the “Birds nest”

I circled Yarr so you can see that he is in that room.

And last, the new game. It is a treasure hunting game and so far it is really hard to get into a game. So keep on trying. You get 10 turns to dig a strait line either side to side, or top to bottom. Here is a picture of 2 penguins playing:

The object of the game is to try to reveal as many jewels or treasures as possible. Try it, it’s fun

Keep on waddling and don’t forget about the contest.



Rockhopper’s Key Notice

Allo, Many of you are wondering where the key is. Well, it isn’t hidden yet. Check when the party is OVER. When the key is out, Please Stand – By for an update. Jon456



Hey everyone. You should check out our new contest page! We are having a contest. Now this contest will be fun, it’s a COMMENTING contest. Whoever comments the most will get sweet prizes! Keep on reading for prizes:

1st prize: Be on this sites blogroll for a week.

2nd prize: Be on my friends list. {zellbra’s}

3rd prize: 1,000 coins.

These prizes may sound like rotten eggs, but I can’t buy you guys memberships. Please don’t ask why.If you win 3rd prize then email me your username and password at . I will not bann you.

Remember that Rockhopper is hiding his key tommorow and if you find it then you can go into the locked away “Captain Quarters”. This is worth the hunt. I will not stay up to find it and post it because I have school. And also the party is still going on, so party with your friends, play games, etc. And our next contest will be right after this. 

                                    Keep on waddling,



Bunches of things

Hiya penguins,

There are many things to talk about right now and this post will cover just about everything.

We’ll start out with the Sports catalog. It was just released on April 25th. There are a couple of new things in it. Just take a look.

Some baseball jerseys.

A baseball glove to go with the jerseys.

Some bases to go with the jerseys and gloves {Furniture items}. And cricket wickets.

Now the Rockhopper return party.

There are 2 free items, and a pin.

Red and black lighthouse jumper. The other free item is a white sailor hat at the Plaza.

Also Rockhopper is going to let us into his Captain quarters. This will happen on Monday. That is tomorrow! He is going to hide the key somewhere in the island. I have proof of this:

And there is a new pin, and a members item. It is a flower pot. Here is the pin:

The pin is at the ski village.

And I have a video

It is made by mike 92. Thanks and if the URL for Mission 7 doesn’t work then go to and tipe in Mike92cp and look for mission seven.

Keep on Waddling,




Hey penguins of the world. I am the returning warrior Jon456. For those of you that have seen me here before, I’m back! For those who are new, I’m Awesome! So yeah, I play Cp and TT and i’ll be posting on this site. im Rly dumb and i deleted paint so i can’t put pictures on.    

 and i say Jon456 after all my posts and comments. Cya. Jon456


Hey guys,

Well me and snash have thought this over and we are having a contest! The contest is “The Craziest outfit” contest. It is really easy. All you have to do is make a really Crazy outfit and email it to me at . There will be pretty cool prizes if you enter. Read more to find out! Oh and if you enter it has to be your real penguin.

First place: 15,000 coins, be on my {Zellbra} buddy list, and be a VIP in our upcoming party!

Second place: 10,000 coins, be on Zellbra’s buddy list.

Third place: 5,000 coins

Fourth place: 2,000 coins

Well I hope you enter because it will be a blast! Remember it is very simple to enter. This contest will end on April 16th so get go on your clubpenguin file and make a crazy outfit!

The CPIP servers end last week and on April 14th clubpenguin will be shutdown from 12AM PST to 3PM PST. This may affect the contest. It might not. And if you go to and go to a post where it looks like a new clubpenguin homescreen. That is what it will look like when you log on after the server updates are done.

Also a new catalog came out today and it’s pretty cool. They brang back some old items and 1 rare. The old items are the black tie, the red and yellow striped tie, the rescue helmet, and the mail case. The rare item is the Overalls.

Sorry we have not been posting latley, but we are really busy with school and stuff. We {well me, Zellbra} will be posting more because we have a couple days off. Snash likes runescape now and I think he is moving on. I like runescape to, but it isn’t better than Clubpenguin. Everyone may have different opinions on runescape so please respect that.

                                            Keep on coming and hope you enter the contest!



new paper and more!

the new paper came out and its awsome i like the april fools day paper better though
new articuls about aunt artic becoming a editor and new ties also rock hoppers comig back with some thing spechil!


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