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April Fools Party!!!!!

Hello penguins,It’s Zellbra. Snash isn’t back yet, he is in California. He rarely goes on club penguin because he is always on Runescape. That game is boring.Well anyways the April Fools party was launched. From my point of view it’s the best party I have ever attended. And I have been to every party since January 18th. Here are the secrets for the items that are at the red propeller cap. This item was brought back from the 1st April Fools Party. swirley-sunglasses-april-fools-party.png The swirly glasses. First time ever release.crayon-pin.pngThe Crayon pin can be found at the mine shack. You must connect the dots to get it.heres is my gif of the crayong just for sonething to do output.gifgif created by:cpmacSo far this is the best party I have ever been to. I think the Iceberg is hilarious, a lot of the rooms are either really blurry,  can be drawn on Windows paint, or look like real things, or they are drawings. It is so much fun to be at this party!!!!! All I want to know is your favorite part of the party. Comment on this post and tell me.Keep on Waddling,~Zellbra~


Easter egg hunt.

Hiya guys,

It’s Zellbra and I’m sorry me or snash1338 haven’t been posting lately. I will be sure to post daily. My site is and I hope you go to it! Snash is leaving for California so he won’t be posting till about April 3 or so.

I forgot to take pictures of the St. Patties party, but I can tell you it was a huge success! The pin was released and is now in the boiler room. A giant St. Patricks hat was also released and it went perfect with any green outfit! It was a blast!!!!!

Now lets talk Easter egg hunt. I have pictures, but I am on a computer that doesn’t have them on it so I will just tell you where they were hidden.

Easter egg number 1: Hidden in the mine as a light.

Easter egg number 2: Hidden on a pillar at the dock

Easter egg number 3: Hidden as a plant in the book room

Easter egg number 4: Hidden on a sign in the Gift shop to the RIGHT of the door

Easter egg number 5: Hidden in a box in the left hand corner of the lodge attic

Easter egg number 6: Hidden as another light in the plaza connected up to the stage

Easter egg number 7: Hidden as a fake puffle in the Pet shop

Easter egg numbrt 8: Hidden as a ninja in the dojo. Be quick because it moves.

Ok thanks people and I just noticed that homie1124 isn’t quitting anymore because he already has over 6,000 hits. Well I’m going to advertise this site so much that it’s going to get 100,000 hits. And later this week snash and I will think about a party!!!!!! Also homie1124 doesn’t know this but I am winning in advertising. His other site that got banned forever from copyright- I advertised it so much that he didn’t even appreiciate it.

Also some new books have been launched in the book room. There is one about 2005-2006 on clubpenguin and two of the books are games! One of them is about a light bulb, and the other is about a penguin and his/her puffle.

My apoligies for not posting and I hope you have a great Spring break if you’re on Spring break!

                             <^> Zellbra <^>



homie need more hits!!!!

click here to go to his site!!!

ok guys he might be quiting but if we advertise his site then if u or me or whoever advertises the most he is going to give us a beta penguin with the beta hat!!!

and if u comment the most on this one page u get a penguin with a million coins!!!

click here to go to it again!!!


New clothing catolauge, wig catalog.

Yo peeps,

It’s Zellbra. The new catalog has come out today and I absolutely LOVE the new outfits! I especially like the brown slip ons, the red and blue sun glasses {Mostly the red}, rugby shirt. There is also a bad thing that comes with this catalog, now you can’t spot the older penguins. Here is a picture:choco-bunny-and-fedora-hat-page-march08.pngmarch08-coolest-page-ever.png march08-st-pats-day-page.png

Also the club penguin team is adding part by part to the Migrator. If you go to the beach in the water will be the frame of the ship. Here is a pic:1st-step-on-rockhopper-recovery.png

And last, but not least. The wigs.  I guess they’re okay, but everyone has their own opinion. You know? I like the wigs, but some time they look terrible. And seriously, some of the look terrible.front-of-dreadlocks-wig-catalog.pngdreadlocks-page-and-the-cleo-page.png

I think “The Cleo” looks terrible, or in other words HIDEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Well anyways I got perfect scores on Catchin waves! I love that game the best. It’s so fun and easy! Here is a picture of me getting all perfect scores, but not a high score.10-out-10-on-catchin-waves.png

In other news: The Club Penguin improvement  project is almost launched! Be ready for what ever it is!

Keep on Waddling,



Club penguin Project


Hey everyone it’s Zellbra. Snash1338 hasn’t been posting a lot so I guess everything is late. There is a new club penguin project that is going on so be sure to check it out by clicking this link: .  In case you were wondering it is going to be launched March 10th, Monday. Also in jet pack adventure there is a new feature in it, The Stage. the-stage-added-to-jet-pack-adventure.png

In other news: I have made a new header. I hope you like it! I worked over 30 minutes trying to get the penguin cut out of the player card perfectly. There will be a new club penguin wall paper so be sure to go to and click on fun stuff, go down to wall papers and click the new one.

Keep on Waddling,



New sports catalog+Pin+Beach update


Sorry snash1338 hasn’t posted this and I think he would have. Sorry for posting this a couple days late. Well anyways the new Sports catalog has came out and it’s very cool!!! I like the sports equipment in the back of the catalog. And there are some cool soccer jerseys that are red and blue and there is a lashing lure fishing rod in the middle of the catalog. Here is a pic:gym-equipment-from-sports-catalog.pngsports-catalog-soccer-jerseys.pnglashing-lure-fishin-rod.png

And there is a new pin. The pin is the submarine from the newest game “Aqua Grabber.”  It is located in the pool!new-pin-in-pool-aqua-grabber-pin.png

And last, but not least. The new items at the beach. There is no free item sadly, but there are new items the lay across the ground and some are in the water! Here is a picture:more-rockhopper-items-at-beach.png

In other news: I will be posting daily about updates on club penguin so this site gets more hits. I heard that cpmonster posts pretty much everyday and he has almost 5,000 more hits than we do. So we are going try to keep this blog active and get more the 50,000 hits. Another thing I heard is if your site is active everyday it will get moved up in google searches.

Keep on Waddling,


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