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New furniture cataloge

There is mostly girly stuff in the new cataloge. I have no pics but there is  like a new floor,no new igloos really and there is a few new posters. I wasn’t really impressed about this cataloge 😦

Waddle on………..Peace!!!!!!



New game!!!!


This is Zellbra and there is a new game called aqua grabber. I am on a different computer that doesn’t have the pictures of the game so just go to my site at that is the URL. This is not a scam for hits because it is actually on on my site. Now I absolutley know 1 penguin who probbaly says this is a trick to go to my site and it is 50 cent 254. He will probbaly go to my site just to prove me wrong. Well any ways Cya!

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New Music VID! Thanks for the Memories

Hi ppl…I’m a admin here but I like never post lol. But snash is my buddy so yeah…

Here is a music vid me and my friends made…

Also click here to watch it on youtube…please comment.



The Submarine Partay!!!!

In the second floor of the book room there is Sea Beltssea-belts.png 

In the forest there is yellow snorkals in the chest


In the cove the new pin (Anchor) is on one of the white rock type things anchor-pin.png

Finally, on the iceburg there is a poll for what name we should call the submarine.


That’s all!!!! You guys…… I might not be posting as much but I will be posting. If you want to know why it’s because I am playing Runescape …… but I’m still playing cp a lot!!!


new news paper and some events.



Party sneak peak.


There is going to be a new “Save the Migrator party” on Friday so be sure to be ready okay!  There is a sneak peak on the offical club penguin blog so go look at it.

In other news: If you go to I have a new header. Not a new presentation. I hope you like it and tell your friends okay!

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Here are the Secrets for the Team Blue’s Rally Debut Stage

Here are all the secrets on the “Switchbox 3000”:

Yellow Lever = Yellow Puffle comes out and jumps in the hoop

First Little Green Button = Makes Locker 4 Open

Second Little Green Button = Makes Locker 3 Open

Big Yellow Button = Big “Tate” Sign comes down

Big Brown Button = Big “Zues” Sign comes down

Big Orange Button = Big “Peppy” Sign comes down

Third Little Green Button = Makes Locker 2 Open

Fourth Little Locker Button = Makes Locker 1 Open

Clock Next to Left Light = Makes the time go ahead

Big Yellow Door = Makes the door open

Lights = Click and drag them to place them where you want them

The order is from right to left like the yellow lever (on the top) is on the very right and the one next to it is the one next on the list. So that’s it.

Waddle on………. Peace!!!


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