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What Army name should we be??

Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz Plz VOTE EVERYONE That Comes to my Blog.

I don’t Know what name we should be so I made a poll vote Here

If you want to be on the army comment that you want to be a army member then go tofrozen right now and then go to the dojo.

P.S. It ends on Friday.

Other thing you could help with: Plz download my toolbar it has a chatroom,program it to tell you if you have mail(you can comment if you want to know how), the weather etc. Just go to to download it. Also go to it’s pretty new so go to it. It’s also on my blogroll and I am trying to get the beta tester.

Leaders for Army: Snash1338 (me).jabpenguin1,Zellbra, (one more here)

Recruits: EVERYBODY THAT WEARS THE UNIFORM!!! (not made yet)

Have a Happy New Year!,



Can I have a drum roll please.

The results are in and we have some winners for the drawing for the band: And the winners for the CP Squad {Below} are: DJ: Zellbra Guitar: Jay Jay17Moracas: Tunuki I

Tuba and violin: Snash1338

Drummer: Zellbra { At light house, but if at dance club DJ} if at the Dance club we need a drummer then Snash can do it!

Piano: Griffoo {If at dance club then dancer}

Singers: Slacker555,Jay Jay17,Zellbra, snash1338

Congratz to the winners and we will have band practice at Zellbra’s igloo and we will performe at the Dance club cuz they have a DJ table{Zellbra:DJ, Jay Jay17: Guitar, Tunuki I: Moracas, Slacker555: moracas the light house { Zellbra will be drummer, Tunuki I will be piano and slacker555 is moracas, snash is tuba or violin, Jay jay17 will be guitar and dancers will be dancers?} and the pizza parlor { Tunuki I will be moracas, Zellbra will be drummer, snash will be tuba or violin, Jay jay will always be guitar, and slacker555 is piano.

Cya happy new year homies! Now bown down: Da King, ur man, the strait up G, the big bean, da top homie, and any other thing you can think of da penguin Zellbra or DJ-Z. I have added griffoo on there cuz he is one of my best friends. AND BAND PRACTICE IS ON JANUARY 10 {But if me and jay jay cant make it then we will decide something.


Responce from clubpenguin support


Ok penguins, I have sent an email into clubpenguin support about bringing back ninja’s and snowcats from Penguin chat 3. This message was sent from a person who works for clubpenguin support named “Chelsey” { CP support always tell you there real name when you ask a support question like i got an email from someone named Matt who worked for cp} Here is what it said:


    Some penguins were able to collect the Christmas Scarf for a short peiriod of time due to a glitch that we encountered.  We took it down until its release on December 24th, and it’s currently available for all penguins to receive.

  Thank you for sending us your ideas about the Ninja’s and Snowcats.  I can’t guarantee this idea will be used, but I can assure you it will be considered.

  I hope you’r enjoying the festivities around Club penguin!  Be sure to let us know about the decorations.


                   Chelsey, Clubpenguin support.

          If you wanna see it better then here is a pix at the top of the post. And i dont know why my post go all the way to the bottom?

                Cya, Happy holidays,Happy new year and slacker i will see you tommorow {December 31} on frozen. Gosh everyone i can’t beileve its already the end of December. It feals like its a couple days before christmas. It just seems like Christmas comes and goes? So Bown Down Homies.


I have been seeing miracles!!

Ok I saw all these people in like the last few days (including today).




Ok, for all of you penguins who dont know this……. Rockhopper might crash into an iceberg!  There is some evidence in the beacon teslescope. If you wait for about 5 to 10 seconds of less? there will be a peice of ice floating! Weird huh? Here are some thoughts:

One penguin says: Maybee it broke off from the iceberg and just floated away?

Another penguin says: Maybee it broke of from another island and Rockhopper might hit it?

I think: that it might have to do with a mission, it broke off from the iceberg, maybee there will be a new iceberg, maybee they will have a member party there? Who knows?

I would love to here what you think will happen to that iceberg. Please just comment and for some weird reason my computer will not save the picture of the iceberg so snash might post a picture? I dunno?

Happy holidays! Happy new year and snash i went skiing and it was awsome!!!!!! i rock! and hotel we stayed at had a really cool waterpark! Waddle on and Happy new year!In other new: 1 more thing, if u wanna meet me and you see me on cp, then say “YO DJ Z” cuz thats what im called in my band. and dont forget we have spots filling up in the band. We have red guitar: Jay Jay17. DJ: Zellbra. Tuba or violin: Snash1338. Morracas: Tunuki I. and not very much people want to be in the drawing. so if by January 10 we have enough people to fill up every spot, then we’ll just have them be in the band. {If u are already in the band, then we will always preforme at the night club or lighthouse and maybee the pizza parlor.}

SiDeNoTe: If you’r a member on cp, then keep ur christmas music on cuz it will be rare music of igloos! thanks to Jon456 for that side note!



Sup Guys! Slacker555

Hey everyone, Its me slacker555!! Remember me??? lol Well I was just wondering how everyone is doing and I hope they had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year…..I’m making this post because I got banned from ROBLOX for 3 days!!!!! So I’m gonna be on Club Penguin more!! yay! (Comment if you want to meat me)

Waddle On



My New New Penguin (Other one I deleted)

My new guy name is Bululaxt Ugandex(pronounced You-Gan-Dex), he is always dark blue ALWAYS!!! and maybe I will make an army if you guys want me to named Ugandex-(something)

P.S. This is what I am always wearing but every party I will probably look different.

P.S.S To join all you have to do is wear this exactly.(backround,Clothes,color etc.)


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